“Cold” cutting pipelines

Fast, save & environmentally friendly: Sawing and cutting pipelines for oil and gas industry.

IPS BV ( proud member of the ‘van der Flier Group’) developed, with the most modern techniques, the ultimate method to cut pipelines.

We have extensive experience in working for the oil and gas industry and work solely with specially trained and very experienced licensed workers.

The innovative IPS Hack Saw

Van der FLIER designed a very innovative Hack saw, which brings many advantages. Pipelines are cut up to 10 times faster than other methods like orbital machining or gas cutting. Because the Hack saw cuts cold, no toxic chemical reactions are released into the environment. The saw is attached to the crane and can be operated easily from the cabin. For this reason nobody needs to work below in the trenches which minimises safety risks and the work can be done more efficiently with less manpower. The Hack saw is available in several varieties and can cut pipelines from 2” up to 24”.

Advantages Hack saw
• Cut pipelines from 2” up to 24” ( 50 – 600 mm )
• Cut pipelines (up to) 10 times faster than gas cutting or orbital methods
• Cold cutting prevents chemical reactions in the materials, no toxic gasses are released.
• Cold cutting does not create sparks, so it is safe at gas locations
• No noise
• No pollution
• CO2 neutral
• Minimal safety risks: no work in the trenches
• Economical: Only one man on the job
• More efficient and safe to use: one operator oversees and handles everything
• CE certified
• Parts & Service Organisation 24/7

Removing pipelines and other cutting methods

Besides this Hack saws, IPS offers several other options for removing pipelines.
We can, for instance, remove pipelines without a trench by using a winch.
Concrete filled lines are cut with our innovative Diamond Wire saw and steel pipes can be cut orbitally up to 48” (1200 mm).
The pneumatic handsaw is used for pipelines which are small in diameter.
Would you like to know what method fits you best? Please contact us!
We will always provide the Safest, Fastest, Cleanest and most Economical cutting solution for your problems.