VDF Safety Clamp

The answer to working safely with steel road plates

The VDF Safety Clamp is the safest system for everyone who works with steel road plates. In demolition, infrastructure, construction or the petrochemical industry.

How does the VDF Safety Clamp work?

A cylinder has been mounted onto the open end of the fork. A piece of rubber is located
underneath the cylinder. By clamping the cylinder with the piece of rubber onto the steel
road plate, the steel road plate is clamped between the cylinder and the forks. This means
the steel road plate is firmly secured. The system is CE certified and meets all safety

The advantages of the VDF Safety Clamp

• Working safely
• The steel road plate is firmly secured, preventing it from sliding off
• With regards to Health & Safety it is much more responsible
• The operator can work faster
• The system is easy to operate
• The system is very affordable
• CE certified and meets all safety requirements
• Easy to mount onto a forklift truck or a digger

VDF Safety Clamp available as a complete set

The VDF Safety Clamp is offered as a complete set, consisting of the pallet frame with
hydraulic clamp. The system is easy to mount onto existing machines such as forklift trucks
or diggers. Depending on the type of machine, the VDF Safety Clamp is delivered to size. Thesystem is available from € 4.200,-.

Would you like to try the VDF Safety Clamp First? Within The Netherlands, this is possible. Van der FLIER will come to a location of choice to demonstrate the VDF Safety Clamp for free.


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