We aren't afraid to roll up our sleeves and find ourselves knee-deep in the mud. We are straightforward and prefer short lines of communication so that we can really take everything off our client's hands. This is our #NoWorries policy.

Van der FLIER is a specialist when it comes to earthmoving. You can also find our mowing boats in the water, our sand blowers in the hardest-to-reach places and our suction excavators alongside the road. Last but not least, we love innovating and that is why we have invented new machines such as the vdf safety clamp and the IPS saw. In other words, we're ready for any job!

Van der FLIER as your expert partner

Constant modernisation and innovative techniques are our pillars. We provide services such as digging, sawing, mowing, sucking, blowing and much more. We have years of experience which has allowed us to collect a bunch of knowledge. We build upon that with smart ideas for sustainable and profitable solutions.

Our guys

We have the hands-on type of guys. They have a lot of experience, but the most important thing is that they love what they do. Everyone we employ has the relevant papers and up to date certificates. Thanks to our team, we can take action quickly, flexibly and professionally to serve our clients to the best of our abilities.
Regardless of how complex the project: NO WORRIES, we will help you find the solution.