Sand pumping

Why deposit sand if you can pump it in as well?

Sand pumping is a quick, safe and less laborious method. Sand or other materials can be blown into hard-to-reach places using this technique. Where, for example, cranes or other machines have difficulty reaching or can't reach at all.

Do you have a hard-to-reach crawl space, garden or other space that you would like to fill up with sand or other materials? Then our sand pumping machine is the solution for you! With a hose that lengthens up to 150 metres, we can pump sand into hard-to-reach places. We not only pump sand, but also pellets, split, substrate and much more. Moreover, we can also apply different kinds of insulation materials such as shells, pumice and clay pellets.

Advantages of sand pumping

• Less laborious and taxing than doing it manually or by crane
• Almost no machine movement, which means the work can be done safely
• Possible to pump different materials
• Technique is applicable in hard-to-reach places
• Quick and easy

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