Enlarging the crawl space

Is the space under your floor too wet, too small or not insulated? NO WORRIES, because where the crane can't reach we can easily reach with our suction hose! With our suction excavator and flexible staff, we will enlarge your crawl space in no time at all.

Enlarging the crawl space

Creating a basement, enlarging it for construction or creating it in the first place? With our 25cm diameter suction hose, we will suck out your crawl space through any hatch or small opening. We suck around your cables and pipes with no fuss and get to every hard-to-reach place. It's also useful when you want to apply cables, pipes or insulation. We also easily remove your seashell insulation, Styrofoam or any other material that fits through a hose from your space, so you can reach it properly.


Do you suffer from a damp crawl space or cold feet? This could mean you have a poorly or non-insulated floor. To prevent this and help lower your energy bill, a well-insulated floor is essential, and that can be achieved through the crawl space. To do that, the space will need to enlarged, or even created in the first place. We will dive beneath the floor and clear it out for you!


We at van der FLIER stand for unburdening our customers. We enlarge crawl spaces all across the country. We work for private individuals and contractors, and we love what we do! Our guys are highly motivated and resilient, and they will ensure you have nothing to worry about.
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