Suction excavation at Date centres

Working at construction sites of data centres is a different kettle of fish. Over the past few years we have worked at different data centres and gained a lot of experience. We have come to know the specific demands for working on these sites, not just from the operational staff and the machines, but also from the operations office. The great thing is that because of our experience, we are asked more and more frequently to carry out this work.

Safety first!

Data centres are often commissioned by American clients. This means there are extra strict safety protocols, and this requires a special approach. Machines must always be up-to-date and meet all safety standards, staff need to be proficient in English and possess all required safety certificates. There are strict safety protocols on site, a little different to what we are used to in the Netherlands.

The operations office is equipped for that.

Before the work starts, the foreign parties require a lot of paperwork and information. Van der FLIER is equipped for this fast approach. We have all documents at the ready, which include certificates, examinations and personnel files. At the operations office, Dutch, English and German are all spoken fluently, meaning that requested documents can be provided in each language at the customer's convenience. The operations office of Van der FLIER deals with any matters concerning laws and regulations itself. Requests for A1 certificates, limosas or any other documents needed to work abroad are arranged by Van der FLIER. This also applies to overnight accommodation for staff.

The right people in the right place.

All staff at van der FLIER are well-trained and know their stuff. However, due to our experience, we know who is best suited to working on data centre sites and carefully select the right employee. Our usual approach is to hit the ground running, but with these kinds of jobs patience is a virtue. So it's also important to carefully select which employee we will send to these jobs.

Machines must be up-to-date.

At van der FLIER this is nothing new, because we always make sure all our machines are up-to-date, inspected and certified. We also invest in new and improved safety options. For example, on our new suction excavators we have installed gas detection and noise control packages.


As previously mentioned, we have gained a lot of experience throughout Europe. For example, we've worked at a new data centre in Eemshaven with five suction excavators and we are currently busy with a job in Belgium. It's a real challenge which we like to meet head on.