Roof gravel suction

Do you have gravel on your roof? Is your roof in need of repair or replacement? Then the chances are that the roof gravel needs to be removed first. We are able to remove roof gravel from the roof quickly and easily by means of suction technique. The suction excavator is specially developed to remove soil and reduce the risks. We aren't afraid of heights and we can lengthen the tubes to a considerable height. So NO WORRIES! We will sort it for you.

Removal of roof gravel

If the roof gravel is polluted over the years, for example by moss or mould, it may mean there is water on the roof. This can lead to wet spots or leakage developing. In that case it's a good idea to renew the roof gravel, but the old roof gravel has to be removed first.

The suction excavation technique

The most convenient technique to do this is the suction excavation technique. However high your roof is, our suction excavators will remove the gravel, dispose of and recycle it. The roof gravel will then be sieved and prepared for re-use. In this way we make our contribution to a sustainable world.


We at van der FLIER stand for unburdening our customers. We remove roof gravel across the whole country. We work for private individuals and contractors, and we love what we do! Our guys are the motivated masters in the business and will ensure that you have nothing to worry about.
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