Suck free cables en pipes

Do you want to expose your cables and pipes with limited risk of damage? This is the way!

The suction excavator is specially developed to suck up the soil and limit the risks involved with excavation. Suction excavation is quicker, more precise, and it minimises damage to cables, pipes and tree roots. It is also the best solution for those hard-to-reach places or for contaminated soil! So NO WORRIES! We will sort it for you.

Exposing cables and pipes

Damage to cables and pipes is prevalent during excavation work, particularly when digging trenches in high-risk environments, and this can have major consequences. You can suddenly find yourself without power. We have smart solution to prevent this from happening. The suction excavator!

Our suction excavator clears out soil and stones around cables and pipes with ease, precision and minimal risk of damage. As well as that, our suction excavator will clear cables and pipes in no time at all with no damage. Much quicker than regular excavation. This is because of its powerful turbines and because we have fully-trained staff using these machines. We can also clear cables and pipes by digging. For more information, please refer to our earth-moving page.
Do you have a pipe you need to cut through? We are your expert partner for that as well. With our innovative saws, we can safely and quickly cut through your pipes. Click here for more information.


No Worries, that's what we stand for! We remove soil and dispose of it. We work for private individuals and contractors, and we love what we do! Our guys are highly motivated and resilient. Together we make sure you have nothing to worry about.
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